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If you're talking about health, pets are much like their owners. They have to have much of the same love and cures that we have. Yet, animals aren't able to tell us when something is wrong. So, we must be aware, and act for our pets at all times. Gerdas Animal Aid is a community that is here to enable everyone care for their cherished animals.

We're dedicated to making it quick and easy for all our guests to give their four-legged friends exactly what they have to have to be happy and healthy. That’s why we’ve assembled a number of content areas so you will find out about appropriate ways to raise your pet. And when you need to pick up medical and health products, our web store has just what the doctor ordered. We give you outstanding values on our items from flea and tick shampoo to oral care for dogs, cats, horses and more. At Gerdas Animal Aid, we make happy pets.

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