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A Comparison of Five Pet Health Insurance Plans

It doesn't matter if you have already decided to purchase health insurance for the family pet or if you are simply. When you are comparing the quote of one health insurance quote to another remember that the base doller amount is not the only number you have to consider.In addition to the monthly payment make sure you also check out exactly what type of veterinary care and treatments are covered (some basic insurance plans do not include cancer treatment), what kind of deductible you, the pet owner, will be expected to pay, is there a yearly cap on medical expenses, and what type of discounts are available. At the moment there are only a handful of companies that offer pet health insurance. Five of the most popular companies are Pets Best Pet Insurance, Veterinary Pet Insurance, ShelterCare, Pets Health and PetCare. An insurance plan through Pets Best Pet Insurance will cost approximately $32.00 a month ($384.00 annually). Pets Best will cover pet sterilization provided the pet owner purchases an additional w...


Even Your Dog Should Maintain A Healthy Weight

Talk about weight and obesity is everywhere these days. In fact, being overweight is bad for your health. We know it's true for humans. Doctors tell us it's true. Overweight and obese humans suffer from heart disease, diabetes, and bone and joint problems. It's common knowledge.But did you know what your dog can be overweight, too? In fact, every extra pound costs your dog in risks to its health. As a responsible and loving dog owner, you should do everything you can to maintain a healthy diet and weight for your beloved pet.You need to know that weight gain for dogs is even more harmful than it is for humans. Pound-for-pound, weight gain is more dangerous for your dog. When you gain a pound or two, your clothes may get tight, but generally things stay the same. When your dog gains a pound or two, he's adding a significant amount. This extra weight costs him in energy, makes his heart work harder, and puts relatively more pressure on his bones and joints. And your dog can't tell you what it's doing to him. Yo...


Rabbit Illness - What Are The Signs You Should Look Out For When Keeping Rabbits

Don't think that your pet can't get sick. Animals get sick too sometimes even more often than people do. Rabbit diseases and illness like other animal sickness is not obvious, so it is often ignored. And since they can't tell you what exactly they feel you must be sensitive to the signs and symptoms observable to you when raising rabbits. The main reason why you need to widen your gaze regarding rabbit illness is because they can lead to complications and even death. Pay close attention to your pet if you must!1) Common Signs of Rabbit Illness- Loss of Appetite: This is the most common sign that there is something wrong with your pet. No matter how enticing and attractive you make its food look like it just won't eat. In some cases if the rabbit is really sick it won't even take a small sip of water.- Irritability: Irritability among animals is exhibited through running away when you want to pet or cuddle them. Sometimes this includes biting and screaming.- Always Sleeping: A sick animal i...


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