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Thoughts from Gerda...

  • Thoughts from Gerda...

    Dear Friends,

    At the end of every year we look back and reflect on our most memorable rescue. This year we would like to share with you the story of two foals Max and Simon.

    These weanlings along with many other mares with foals at their sides were separated and sent to slaughter. The mares were shipped to Mexico and their babies shipped to Canada, slaughtered for human consumption. We were able to save two babies out of seven who, by a miracle were spared. They were all run down, starving, eating one another's tails for fiber but the worst were the many layers of ticks feeding off their tiny bodies! Many of these babies did not survive, but ours did! We spent four hours each day for a solid month picking ticks off of them during that cold march winter. Chemicals were not an option because of their perilous condition, so we picked!!

    max and simonMax and Simon at the Kill Pen

    Due to all the handling during their recovery they became wonderful and trusting youngsters. These boys are yearlings now, Simon has been adopted and Max is in Georgia waiting for the perfect adopter to find him!

    This is one of many stories that are unimaginable, but true, this is what we do and it is not easy and it is expensive. As a 501c3 we are supported by public donations and that is why we are sending out this letter in hopes that you will consider a donation of any size, enabling us to help many more horses and giving hope to the hopeless.

    This year's motto is "Keeping the barn doors open and swinging!" We invite you to join us in making that a reality for more horses such as Max and Simon. Thank you!


    max and simonMax and Simon

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